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Through the CSX Transportation (CSXT) In-Kind Transportation program, non-profit organizations have the opportunity to reduce, or even eliminate, transportation spending. Using CSXT dry-van intermodal equipment and rail service, we provide non-profits the expertise and efficiency to move their freight, so they can keep hard at work making the difference in the communities they serve.

How it works

Intermodal moves are typically best suited for freight moving 500 miles or more. In addition, the In-Kind Moves program requires that freight has an origin and destination within a combined 250-mile driving distance to a CSXT Intermodal facility. So whether your freight needs to get from Atlanta to New Jersey or Philadelphia to Jacksonville, CSXT can help you connect your goods to where they will do the most good. To find where CSXT intermodal facilities are located, go to our locations served page and search the Terminal listing. The In-Kind Moves program is available for connecting moves between terminals east of the Mississippi River.

CSXT will guide you through the process every step of the way, which includes finding the right dry-van equipment from our large fleet of rail-owned containers. As part of CSXT’s Door-to-Door services, our trained team will pick up your freight at its origin then transport it to a terminal to be placed onto an intermodal train. Once arrived at its destination terminal, freight will be picked up and delivered directly to the endpoint.  Thanks to the Door-to-Door’s broad network across CSXT’s network and trucking capability in the Eastern United States, the process of moving freight for your non-profit is turnkey.

Get started today

The application process is simple. Visit BeyondOurRails.org to apply online and review CSX giving guidelines. 


Partner Spotlight: Feeding Northeast Florida


Elliot Darkatsh of Feeding Northeast Florida talks about how his organization uses in-kind transportation to serve its mission. | 1:48 min
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To learn more about the CSXT In-Kind Transportation program and to submit an application, visit BeyondOurRails.org.





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