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CSXT Intermodal has a variety of ways for customers to communicate EDI files with us. Communicating directly with CSXT, via our preferred FTP channel, speeds up the processing of your information and best of all, eliminates the costs associated with sending EDI via a third-party provider. Additionally, many translation services offered by third-party providers are now being offered by CSXT.

For more information about B2B and translation services, e-mail [email protected]. A list of the EDI transaction sets supported by CSXT and implementation guides are available on  www.csx.com.

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With ShipCSX tools you can: track shipments, check shipment status, request new price quotes, view schedules, submit bills of lading, view waybills, submit freight claims, and access Intermodal's employee directory all through your personal computer. To use ShipCSX, you will need to register for a User ID , and have Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, or Netscape Communicator 4.7 or higher. Call 1-877-ShipCSX (1-877-744-7279), option 2, option 2, for more information or access to the tools.

ShipCSX Modules
Account Invoices View and print freight and incidental invoices
Terminal Reports Create terminal specific reports with the INV01 'Enroute Report' or the INV02 'Notified But Not Picked Up Report'.  Obtain pick up numbers on both reports and last free day information from INV02
Terminal Storage & Reports View and guarantee current storage charges. Call 1-800-732-0172 for assistance.
Trucking Operations Retrieve invoices and corresponding documentation such as: bills of lading, proof of delivery, and accessorial backup for your Door-to-Door business.
Directory Get contact information such as phone number or email address for Intermodal personnel.
Freight Claims Submit claims for commodity shortages or damage for shipments with Intermodal.
Price Inquiry View active SPQ, Agreement, and Directory rates.
Price Request Request and receive Special Price Quotes (SPQs) for loads that are: hazardous, contain restricted commodities, tanks, or that move in open top or flat rack containers.
Parameter Tracing Run reports on your traffic based on the parameters you need the most
Schedules View current intermodal train schedules. Information provided includes: schedule effective date, cut off time, and arrival/departures through availability.
Tracking Retrieve the last posted event trace data on cars moving regardless of network using Interline trace. Detailed trace available for cars moving on the CSX network using Nationwide trace.
Shipping Instructions Create and send bills of lading. Void and/or correct waybills billed via any method. Use Shipping Instructions as a back up when internal EDI systems are down or to bill hazardous materials if not EDI approved.
Shipment Tracking Obtain train and car movement information on a map format. Trains are color coded to show the cars moving on it to be loaded or empty.
Waybill Retrieval Retrieve Intermodal waybills on shipments made in the last year.

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To track shipments, check schedules, submit freight claims, view waybills and more, click here.


To contact an intermodal representative who can help you discover the value of intermodal rail, click here.